Keeping Up With the New Year

‘New year, new me’ – It’s the mantra everyone knows. A new year is supposed to propel you into new thinking, adopting new habits, or building upon past ones. It’s a bunch of pressure, sure, but it helps you to promise yourself that you will do better, that this year will be better than the last.

January feels like it lasts for about a year, and for this reason I felt as though I got a lot done this January. I got myself my first car, I read three books (a big deal for me, I’ve always been a super slow reader), I went to the gym three times a week, I started planning a bunch of article ideas I want to pump out in the next few months, and I applied to a bunch of jobs and internships. The ‘new year, new me’ vibe was very much in place, and very much working.

February comes around like a hammer though. The determination of January starts to dwindle; February always goes too fast and always feels a bit rushed. Whereas last month I was reading pretty much a book a week, I’m not even a third of the way through a book a week into the month. I’ve started going to the gym less, telling myself I feel too tired from work instead of just pushing through it. But I still feel determined, I still feel as though I can change things for the better.

The point is, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. Sure, it’s good to be motivated and get stuff done; but it’s similarly okay and perfectly normal to feel like you need to take the backseat on things for a while. I still want to achieve all the goals I’ve set in place, I still have a spiralling and growing list of things I want to do, but the difference is I’m not forcing myself to do all these things by a set time and date.

It’s all about upholding and keeping new habits, not just doing them to do them, but doing them for fulfilment. I’m trying to keep up with it and enjoy it instead of focusing on rushing through it all.