Beginning of the End

With first semester completed, I now actually have a brief amount of time to breathe and write about something that’s not related to politics.

Without a doubt, these past few months have been the most difficult I’ve experienced at university so far. You are always aware that final year is going to be difficult, hectic, and just a general struggle, but nothing that anyone warned me about could have really prepared me for the first semester.

It’s a definite baptism of fire, wherein your responsibilities pile up so fast you feel like you could drown in them. The first few weeks, especially, were the hardest. Juggling being a member on a society committee for the first time, a part time job, and a copious amount of reading was crazy intense.

Towards the end, though, things started to get a wee bit better. Starting assignments earlier made me feel more in control, trying to push myself to get at least two difficult readings done per module per week helped to calm me down.

Also, having a great support system – friends, boyfriend, family – really helped me get through the transition to the “big year.” I really can’t thank them all enough for being there for a chat, or even just a cup of tea.

Although I’m sure next semester will be an even bigger challenge, what with juggling a dissertation and copious assignments, hopefully if I stick to what I’ve learned these past few months everything will be a-okay.

Now I’m just ready for a sweet sweet break to enjoy Christmas.

TL;DR: It’s okay not to be okay, things will always get better with time and perseverance. Only you know what works best for ya!